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8 Foods That Can Help Detoxify Your Liver

Posted Sep 24, 2018 by Ron • 5 months ago

As an organ, the liver has tons of responsibilities to fulfill. It is involved in several processes such as bile production, protein formation, and storage of multiple nutrients among other things. The liver is also involved in breaking down toxins such as medication, alcohol, and so on.


With such a wide-ranging portfolio and tasks to cover, sometimes the liver can lose its pace. Essentially, pollutants and toxins leave their negative imprint on the master powerhouse organ. As a result, the liver’s normal work cycle slows down, calling for the need to detox.


Unlike the old times when you had to live through a drought of your favorite foods for detoxification, there are gentler approaches now. The process is pretty simple. Work to remove toxins. And, at the same time, work to add foods that support detoxification.


Typically, we tend to overload the liver by eating lots of processed and fried foods. This can be overwhelming for the poor organ, especially, if you take such unhealthy foods in large quantities. Therefore, work to remove them from your diet and include liver detox-friendly foods. It will help you optimize liver functioning.


More benefits of the process for your liver are captured below:





Let’s walk you through helpful foods that can aid in liver detoxification:


1. Green tea
There’s no shortage of green tea lovers in the US. A recent survey reveals that Americans are increasingly becoming fans of green tea. It outlined that 86% of the Americans are reaching out to green tea in contrast with 59% who take other tea types. The good news is that green tea aids in liver detox.


The liver cleansing process is fulfilled in two phases. In the first stage, enzymes such as cytochrome P450 enzyme work to make toxins water-soluble. In phase II, the toxins are bound to chemicals, which neutralize the toxins and promote their excretion from your system. Luckily, green tea helps with both phases.


2. Grapefruit
Grapefruit extends a helpful hand in two ways. For one, it battles against inflammation. Secondly, it protects cells. Moreover, grapefruit is loaded with two antioxidants that naturally protect your liver. These are naringin and naringenin.


Multiple studies show that these antioxidants assist in protecting the liver from injury. Research highlights that the antioxidants can lessen the development of hepatic fibrosis too. As per this harmful condition, the excessive connective tissue starts building up in the liver and damages it significantly.


3. Grapes
Although there is more evidence needed to learn about the action plan that grapes adopt, it’s safe to say that these are liver-friendly by nature. Grapes, particularly purple and red, are packed with useful plant compounds. Of these, a prominent one is resveratrol that offers a litany of health merits.


Evidence indicates that grapes are efficient in reducing inflammation, boosting the levels of antioxidants, and preventing damage as well. A small study learned that having grape seed extract for three months helped enhance liver function.


4. Berries
The two chief berries that leave your liver healthy are cranberries and blueberries. These are enriched with anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that gift the berries their colors. Plus, they offer several health benefits.


Animal studies conclude that both these berries, their extracts as well as juices can maintain your liver’s wellbeing. Investigations also demonstrate that blueberries safeguard the liver from damage when taken for 3-4 weeks. ┬áBesides, a study on rats concluded that antioxidants present in berries could slow fibrosis and lesions’ development.




5. Garlic
Garlic is another item that can help cleanse your liver. It boasts a rich content of the mineral selenium, which detoxifies your liver. It also consists of 39 antibacterial agents that are useful for keeping several ailments at arm’s length.


Moreover, garlic can activate the liver enzymes, which aids in flushing out the toxins from your body naturally. Besides, it works to eliminate toxins from your gut too. Garlic contains allicin, which can assist in ending the reign of toxin-producing unfriendly microbes in your intestine.


6. Beets
Another excellent pick for a liver detoxification diet is beetroot. Beets contain betaine and betalaine. These are two unique compounds that aid in liver function. Betaine is known for chopping down the accumulation of fat in the liver.


On the other hand, betalaine stimulates the phase II in the liver detox process so that toxins bind to glutathione and are removed from your body. What’s noteworthy, however, is that most studies use beetroot juice. While it’s fine to assume that beets deliver the same results, it is best to opt for beetroot juice.


7. Cruciferous vegetables
Cruciferous veggies such as mustard greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are known for their high fiber content. These are also excellent for your liver’s health as they rocket the levels of detoxification enzymes in your liver. Subsequently, they chip in protection for your liver from damage.


What’s more, Brussels sprouts are known for being active in both phases of liver detox. Like other cruciferous vegetables, these are rich in antioxidants. Brussels sprouts also consist of a compound titled indole-3-carbinol, which aids the liver in getting rid excess hormones.


8. Olive Oil
Olive oil is widely appreciated for its helpful role in protecting the heart as well as the brain. Experts frequently emphasize on the need to switch to the use of olive oil from other oils. To add to the wealth of health benefits, olive oil helps the liver too.


In a small study on 11 participants, researchers learned that taking one teaspoon, equivalent to 6.5 ml, of olive oil on a daily basis improved liver enzymes. It also shot the protein levels that were linked with positive metabolic effects. Additionally, the participants showed better blood flow and less fat collection in the liver.


Final words
Since we stress our liver so much by eating junk foods, adding these healthy foods to our diet is the least that we can do. While you are at it, don’t forget to exclude refined and processed foods from your daily intake.

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