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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Energy Levels

Posted Sep 24, 2018 by Ron • 5 months ago

Monday blues? Mid-week fatigue? Or, mid-day energy drain? A decline in energy levels doesn’t see the time or day. It may strike before an important meeting, or it may just ruin your entire day by not letting you have an energetic start.


A poll by YouGov goes on to reveal that only 1 in 7 Americans wakes up from the agile side of the bed. In other words, a small number of folks in the US wake up feeling fresh. Surprisingly, 15% of the people fall asleep at their workplace at least once in a week. Moreover, 76% of the people feel tired on work days.


Of course, you cannot put things to pause until your energy spirals back up. Or, you can’t hold the clock’s ticking hands and take a quick power nap in the middle of the work day. The most that we typically do is pop a sugary treat into our mouth to fix things. However, that’s a harmful way which yields a temporary, short-lived energy spike only.


Fortunately, there are healthy ways to fuel your energy tanks. Let’s walk you through these ways so that you don’t have to hide behind the monitor to get forty winks:


1. Take a quick break
Concentrating on several things at one time, in short, multitasking can leave a negative imprint on your mind. You may assume that multitasking can help you tackle a lot of work a lot faster than working at one thing at one time.


However, that’s a wrong assumption. You can do two things to beat this issue. For one, stop multitasking and pay attention to one thing at a time. You’d be surprised in seeing how much you can cover in this way. Secondly, take a quick break, chat with a co-worker or take two bits to brown study a little.


2. Tap your thymus
If there were ever a way to knock at a door for an instant energy boost, it’s this. Your thymus is located at the top of your chest in the center and below the collarbone. When you tap it, it stimulates the production of T-cells.


This ups your energy while increasing vitality and relieving stress. Experts recommend tapping your thymus for minimum twenty seconds while breathing deeply and slowly.


3. Exercise in the middle of the day
Instead of hitting the sack in the afternoon, you can spend some muscle-moving time at the gym. This can assist in ramping up your energy markers. In fact, researchers say that midday exercise can boost your productivity.


Midday workout can spiral your cognitive function by roughly 5-10%. It makes sense. Exercise increases blood circulation, which carries more oxygen and nutrients to your brain, giving it the spark for improved vitality.




4. Do some yoga
If you have been feeling sluggish, you can regain some of your energy by practicing yoga. For instance, a downward dog pose and a few stretches can do your energy levels some good. Certain studies agree with this as they say that deep breathing and several postures are great fatigue-fighters.


5. Dedicate more hours to sleep
This bit of a tip is a no-brainer. Common sense, as well as science, support the role that sleep plays on your energy levels. So, when you cut back on your sleep to get some important work done, you’re sacrificing your vigor.


If you find it hard to get your fill of rest, then you should pursue sleep hygiene habits. For instance, limit the use of electronic gadgets before you head to bed. Prepare your bed and dim the lights to promote a relaxing, sleep-welcoming environment and so on.


6. Sing along your favorite songs
This is another energy-booster. Singing to your favorite tune gives you an emotional high. It also works to lower your stress hormone, which typically takes a toll on your energy levels. Therefore, play your favorite song and sing along. If you aren’t much of a singer, then you can always hum.


7.Stand up
Who knew getting back your energy can be as easy as standing up? It’s true though. Long hours of consistent sitting at your work station can take a hit on your energy reserves. The answer to this lies in standing up.


Essentially, prolonged sitting correlates with long periods of inactivity, which can constrict your blood vessels. Consequently, impacting your energy and welcoming tiredness. Hence, when you stand up, your energy shoots with a boost in your blood flow.




8. Take a short walk
Going for a brisk walk can aid in mending your zing. This is especially helpful if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. A study reveals that a 10-minute walk can help you feel energized and it works better than a snack as an energy fix.


In the study, researchers learned that energy improvement due to walking also sustained for longer than snacking. The drive of people who snacked went down within an hour. In another round of research, the same researchers also unearthed that the more steps that people took, the higher their energy and mood.


9. Control stress and anxiety
Stress and anxiety can sip more energy than you can realize. Psychologist Paul Baard, Ph.D. highlights. “Stress is the result of anxiety, and anxiety uses up a whole lot of our energy.” It is best to work against such an energy-buster. Talk to a friend or join a support group. You can also try relaxation techniques such as tai chi, meditation, yoga, and so on.


10. Hydrate yourself
We lose a lot of water in a day. The simple way to make up for this loss is to quaff glasses of water. Research agrees that water shortage can severely impact your energy and mood. Even mild dehydration can take a toll on your concentration.


So, a glass of water is another means of a quick energy fix. Doctors suggest having nine glasses of water daily. You can gain more by drinking lemon water or water flavored with honey. If those aren’t your jazz, go for coconut water.


Wrap up
Drained energy can severely impact your productivity and set you behind your schedule. Work to improve your energy levels with the help of these simple and useful tricks.

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